Academy 13313 1/35 German Command Tank Pz.Bef.Wg 35(T) Plastic Model Kit


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When Germany moved into Czechoslovakia in 1939, it seized its military assets as well as their production facilities including Skoda. One of the tanks in production at that time was the Model 35 light tank which was adopted by the Wehrmacht as the Panzer 35(t) - the t was the abbreviation for the foreign material source - tschechisch (Czech). Like many other combat vehicles in use by the Wehrmacht, some Panzer 35(t)s were modified to serve as command tanks which allowed for command and control of the Blitz on the battlefield. Tank-to-tank communications were accomplished by a common radio set in each Panzer 35(t), but to reach higher level command elements, a second radio set (HF) was installed in the command tanks in place of some ammo storage. These HF radio sets allowed for non-line-of-sight communications and they usually used a towel-rack antenna (sometimes referred to as a clothes line). On the Panzer 35(t), this antenna was mounted to the rear deck and limited turret traverse.