Academy 13267 1/35 I.D.F. Merkava Mk III Plastic Model Kit


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Designed for survivability, the concept of modular spaced armor was incorporated to provide the Mk.III with added protection around the crew section. The modularity of the armor allows quick field replacement.

A diesel powered engine mounted in the front of the hull acts as extra armor and major suspension changes were made for increased road speed and crew comfort.

Merkava Mk.III is equipped with impressive offensive weaponry including a 120mm cannon, a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, 2 anti-personnel 7.62mm machine guns, a 12.7mm machine guns for used by the commander and a 60mm light mortar.


  • Accurately Reproduced I.D.F. Merkava Mk.III.
  • Highly Detailed Hull, Turret & Bogies.
  • Includes Realistic Chain Curtain of White Metal.
  • Various Accessories & Sub Machine Guns Included.