Academy 12506 1/72 F-15C Eagle Plastic Model Kit


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Since its introduction into service in 1974, the F-15 ...Mig Killer... has developed a fearsome reputation as an air superiority fighter. With over 100 kills to it...s name, half of them being with the Israeli Air Force, not a single F-15 has been lost in air-to-air combat. Despite the introduction of more capable aircraft in the 21st century, there is still a place for the proven F-15 on the front lines such was the foresight in it...s design some 40+ years ago.

Features detailed exhaust cones and Turkey Feathers as awell as optional positioning of air intake ramps and canopy and a full complememtn of under-wing weaponry...

Length: 10.63 (27cm)
Height: 3.23 (8.2cm)..