Academy 12440 1/72 F8E CRUSADER 1615


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The F-8 Crusader was the US Navys first supersonic, carrier-based jet fighter. In September 1951, the US Navy announced a call for competitive bids from eight aircraft manufacturing companies for a new carrier-based fighter. Chosen was the F-8 Crusader which incorporated a 42-degree swept-wing design to achieve the high speed requirement. The unique wing also provided a two-position, variable incidence wing enabling the aircraft to land and takeoff at slow speeds while maintaining excellent visibility for the pilot. Armed with four 20mm cannons, the Crusader was a gunfighter and considered a pure air-superiority aircraft by its pilots. It was also capable of carrying an ordnance load of 4,000 lbs including AIM-9 sidewinder air-to-air missiles, and Zuni air-to-ground rockets. The Crusader had a very impressive combat record with the Navy and Marine Corps in Vietnam, and was nicknamed the MiG killer because of its numerous victories over these jets.