*DISC*Academy 18131 Edukit Water Pumping Engine Plastic Model Kit


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Note: This is a Korean kit with English instructions

Academys Pumping Engine is a Snap-Together, Educational Kit that requires no glue, no tools, and no painting to complete. Very easy to assemble, you will have an historically accurate, actual working reproduction of an early 19th century Pumping Engine. Academys technical engineers captured the wonders of this mechanical masterpiece, making the model a joy to build, display or operate. You can demonstrate the operating principles of pumping engines using water. The Water Pumping Engine was used during the Industrial Revolution for pumping water out of the mines. When the crank is turned, the piston inside the cylinder creates a vacuum and the atmospheric pressure draws the water up the pipe until the cylinder is full. All this precision of a working model and it simply snaps together. This highly educational kit looks great on a shelf, will teach the budding engineer the principles of a water pumping system, and will make a terrific school or show-and-tell project.