Alpha Club Racer .21 5P Engine


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This is the Alpha "Club Racer" 5-Port .21 Off-Road Nitro Engine. The .21-Club Racer is a perfect engine for the weekend warrior or someone who just likes to head to the track and have a great time. It features awesome power, with a linear feel, providing a reliable and controllable engine. Ideal for bashing, smaller tracks, or drivers new to nitro.


Displacement: 3.45cc

Bore: 16.26mm

Stroke: 16.8mm

Practical R.P.M.: 3000~39800rpm

Power Output: 2.48PS/39800rpm

Weight: ~350g

Ports: 5 Ports

Sleeve: ABC

Crankshaft Diameter: 14mm diameter

Glow Plug Type: Turbo

Exhaust: Rear

Carburetor Diameter: 8mm (Variable)

Case Material: Aluminum


(1) T3 Turbo glow plug

(1) 0.20 Head shim

(1) 6.5mm Carb Venturi

(1) 7.0mm Carb Venturi

(1) 8.0mm Carb Venturi

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