Artesania 18021PD 1/50 Scottish Maid w/ #27003 Tools & Plankbender Wooden Ship Model


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Scottish Maid
Aberdeen 1839
Beautifully Detained Laser Cut
Double Plank On Frame Wooden Ship Model

In the late nineteenth century, the struggle between sailboats and steamships was fierce. In a desperate effort not to be defeated, the British shipyards built the Scottish Maid. This sailboat was characterised by a thin and sharp bow (known by the name of Aberdeen) and a large sail. This made this magnificent sailing a ship unfit for the people of inland, the kit will delight all.


All Wood & Metal Fittings
Photographic Instructions .
Length : 670 mm
Height : 460 mm
Beam : 240 mm

Recommended Items to Complete

Plank Bender
Wood Glue
Super Glue
Hobby Knife
Spare Blades

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