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Do you want to setup the speed control or do you want to drive your RC car? These words are mostly becoming reality, if a driver wants to setup his speedo quickly and have fun with his RC car.

The new LRP A.I. Automatic speed control line stops this unloved scenario! No button, no setup = NO PROBLEM ... just plug-in an play! LRP electronic now adds yet another technological milestone to its highly successful speed control line. The innovative LRP True Automatic combines the performance of the LRP speed control with the comfort of an automatic function, adapted specially to needs of RC novices. Never has it been easier to use a professional speed control, never before have you had more time to concentrate on the actual task of driving. With the A.I. speed control line, the LRP engineers developed a completely new speedo generation with built-in artificial intelligence. These feature comes true in the product name: A.I.! LRP Automatic: With LRP..s exclusive true Automatic technology, a push button setup is completely unnecessary: Just plug-in the speedo and drive! The speed control immediately ..learns.. the individual transmitter setting and is perfectly set-up for every run with the correct neutral-, full speed forward- and full speed reverse transmitter settings. Whatever your car..s configuration is, the LRP True Automatic adapts to it and determines your perfect setup.

Fail Safe: Built in Fail Safe: What is Fail Safe? Another technological highlight is the factory built in Fail Safe System. ..The guardian angel.. of your RC car. The Fail Safe System continuously monitors the radio signals being sent to your RC car. If incomplete or ..false.. signals are received as a result of low batteries or radio frequency interference, your LRP A.I. Automatic Bullet Reverse speed control reacts instantly and shuts off your model to protect it against damage due to interference.

LRP A.I. Bullet Reverse digital: The bullet is the top-of-the-line speed control in the Automatic line and handles all the hottest motor of the market.


LRP..s exclusive A.I. Automatic Setup
Fail Safe System
Forward/Reverse speed control
25 years warranty
3x Multi Protection System
4, 5 and 6 cells


BEC / Electric power supply of the receiver 5.0V
Set-up Procedure automatic
Fail Safe System Yes
Weight 51.0g
Size 42.5 x 42.5mm
High frequency Yes
Motorlimit no motorlimit
Multi-Protection-System Yes
Voltage Input 4-7 cells (4.8-8.4V)
Connectors Standard Tamiya Stlye
Rated Current 225A
Typical Voltage Drop @20A 0.048V
forward/brake/reverse Yes